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The United Nations Development Programme publishes its budget online as a PDF file. UNDP has a central point of access (open.undp.org) to information about UNDP's development projects and outputs in more than 170 countries and territories. It comprises data and information for development projects and those that were financially closed after 2011.

Data can be downloaded in bulk in IATI XML, CSV and JSON formats, as a whole database or for individual countries, regions or sectors.

Information on muilti-partner trust funds can be found via the site of the UNDP MPTF Office.



UNDP has a coordinating role at the IATI Secretariat. It's platform open.undp.org uses IATI data that can be found at iatiregistry.org/publisher/undp.


UNDP publishes procurement notices and contract awards. These are also published on the site of the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNMG) but not as open data.