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Worldbank Group

The World Bank Group consists of five distinct yet complementary organizations:

The Worldbank has a dedicated site - finances.worldbank.org that provides data related to the Bank's financials available. The data covers portions of the Bank Group’s investments, assets it manages on behalf of global funds, and the Bank Group’s own financial statements. Data can be accessed in a machine readable format and there some APIs are available.

Since datasets are raw and not always audited yet, there are links to official documents such as the Worldbank's Annual Report, the IFC's Annual Report and there is the Global Partnership and Trust Fund Operations site.



The World Bank joined IATI when it was launched in 2008, and published its first IATI data in 2011. The Worldbank's IATI data can be found via the IATI registry: iatiregistry.org/publisher/worldbank.


The Worldbank publishes procurement notices and procurement contract awards which provides information on commitments against major Bank-funded contracts prior-reviewed by the Bank and awarded under IBRD/IDA investment projects and related Trust Funds (from 2007 to date). Note, however, that the dataset does not list all contracts awarded by the Bank. "Supplier Country" represents place of supplier registration, which may or not be the supplier's actual country of origin. Information does not include awards to subcontractors nor account for cofinancing.